“After that, I had it easy,” says Homer, talking about his post-operative recovery.

“Easy?” asks Al.

“That’s what I said,” answers Homer. “They took care of me, fine. They trained me to use these things. Why, I can dial telephones, I can drive a car — I can even put nickels in the jukebox! I’m alright.  But – – ” Homer takes a long drag on his cigarette.

“But what, sailor?” says Fred.

“Well,” says Homer, “well, you see – – I’ve got a girl.”

“She knows what happened to you, doesn’t she?” asks Fred.

“Sure, they all know,” says Homer. “They don’t know what these things look like.” He takes another drag on the cigarette.

“What’s your girl’s name, Homer?” asks Al.

“Wilma,” says Homer. “She and I went to high school together.”

“I’ll bet Wilma’s a swell girl,” says Al.

“She is,” says Homer, looking out the window.

“Then, it’ll be alright, sailor,” says Fred. “You wait and see.”

“Yeah,” says Homer. “Wait and see. Wilma’s only a kid. She’s never seen anything like these hooks.”

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
  • Fredric March as Al Stephenson
  • Harold Russell as Homer Parrish
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