“The thing that scares me the most is that everyone’s going to try and ‘rehabilitate’ me,” says Al.

“All I want’s a good job,” says Fred, “a mild future, and a little house just big enough for me and my wife. Give me that much, and I’m ‘rehabilitated’ like that.” Fred snaps his fingers.

“I’d say that’s not too much to ask,” says Al.

“You married, Al?” asks Fred.

“Yup,” says Al.

“How long?” asks Fred.

“Twenty years,” says Al.

“Twenty years?” replies Fred, incredulous. Fred looks down at his Overseas Service bars. His uniform shows that he’s been in service for two and a half years. “Holy smoke!” laughs Fred. “We didn’t even have twenty days before I went over. I married a girl I met when I was in training in Texas.”

“Well, now you and your wife will have a chance to get acquainted, hm?” says Al.

“Yeah,” agrees Fred. He looks down at the sleeping sailor. “I wonder how Homer will make out?”

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
  • Frederic March as Al Stephenson
  • Harold Russell as Homer Parrish
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