Fred is interviewing for a job with Mister Thorpe at the drug store. 

“I’m looking for a better one,” says Fred. 

“What are your qualifications? Your experience?” asks Thorpe. 

“Two years behind a soda fountain, and three years behind a Norden bombsight,” replies Fred. 

“Yes,” says Thorp.”While in the army, did you have any experience in procurement?”

“No,” says Fred. 

“Purchasing of supplies, materials?” asks Thorpe.

“No, I didn’t do any of that,” says Fred. “I just dropped bombs.”

“Did you do any personnel work?” asks Thorpe. 

“No,” says Fred. 

“But as an officer, you surely had to act in an executive capacity? You had to command men, be responsible for their morale?” says Thorpe. 

“No,” replies Fred, “I was only responsible for getting the bombs on the target. I didn’t command anybody.”

“I see,” says Mr. Thorp. “I’m sure that kind of work required great skill. But unfortunately, we’ve no opportunities for that with Midway Drugs.” 

“Yeah,” says Fred, picking up his hat. 

“However,” says Thorpe, “we might have an opening as an assistant to Mister Merkle, our floor manager.”

“Sticky Merkle?” asks Fred. 

Clarence Merkle,” corrects Thorpe. 

“Yeah, that’s the fellow who used to be my assistant at the soda fountain,” says Fred. 

“He’s a very good man,” says Thorpe. “Incidentally, your work would require part-time duties at the soda fountain.” 

Fred pauses in his chair. 

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
  • Howland Chamberlain as Mister Thorpe
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