Marie hangs up the phone and answers the door. 

Fred enters. Marie’s smile drops. 

“Hey, Marie, do you have an extra key?” asks Fred. “I’d like to have it.” Fred is puzzled by Marie’s expression. “What are you looking at?”

“Holy smoke, honey! That’s the first time I’ve ever seen you in civilian clothes,” says Marie.

“Oh, well from now on, honey, you’re not going to see me in anything else,” says Fred. “I just got it out of the mothballs over at Pop’s house.” 

“I – – called up the Blue Devil,” says Marie. 

“Who?” asks Fred. 

“Oh that’s the nightclub where I worked. I told them I’m through!” says Marie. 

“Aw, swell!” says Fred. He unzips his luggage. 

“But let’s go there for dinner, Freddy, huh?” asks Marie. “I can introduce you to the gang! They heard me talk so much about you.”

“Anything you say, honey!” says Fred, laying out his dress uniform. “Oh, and here’s some perfume, and some other junk I bought in Paris.” He hands Marie a bunch of things out of his suitcase.

“Oh, Blue Red Number Five!” says Marie, looking at a perfume box. “And a scarf! Cute! Think of having these from Paris! Oh, Freddy, honey, you’re just a big hunk of heaven!”

Fred looks at a stack of photos. 

“What’s that a picture of?” asks Marie.

“Bomb hits on Dusseldorf,” says Fred. He looks at another picture. “Oh, that’s my B-17!”

“What are those?” asks Marie, point at the black puffs of smoke in the photo. 

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
  • Virginia Mayo as Marie Stephenson
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