“Where did you operate?” asks Al. 

“All over the Pacific,” replies Novak. “One little island after another.”

“What did you do, mostly?” asks Al.

“Go in before the landings,” says Novak, “and clear the underwater mines and obstructions. Then, when they’d taken enough ground for an airstrip, we’d build it.”

“Fairly interesting work, eh?” says Al. 

“No, it got monotonous,” says Novak. “Those islands all look alike – – until Iwo Jima. That was different!”

“So I’ve heard,” says Al, looking back at the application. “I see you have quite a family – a wife and four children.”

“Yes,” nods Novak. “There’d have been more, if I hadn’t been away for four years!”

“Well, now you want to buy a farm,” says Al. 

“Yes, sir!” says Novak. “Got my eye on a fine piece of property. Forty acres, out near Anton Corners.”

“What about collateral?” asks Al. 

 “Collateral?” asks Novak. “What’s that?”

“Security for your loan,” says Al. “What can you put up in the way of property? Do you have any stocks and bonds? Real estate? Valuables of any kind?”

“No, Mister Stephenson,” replies Novak. “You see, the -“




In This Episode:

  • Frederic March as Al Stephenson
  • Dean White as Novak
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