It’s almost two o’clock.  Peggy and Fred are still at the restaurant.

“Hadn’t you better, uh…?” asks Peggy.

“Yeah,” says Fred, looking around for the waiter. “Uh, check please.”

The waiterarrives at the table. “Eighty-five cents a piece for lunch, plus tax, that’s a dollar seventy-six.”

“Okay,” says Fred, handing the waiter two dollars.

“Thank you very much,” says the waiter, helping Peggy out of the corner seat at the table. “Goodbye,” says the waiter.

“Bye,” says Peggy.

“Goodbye, signorina. Come again!” says the Maitre d’.

“We’ll do that,” says Fred. “So long, Giuseppe.”

Arrivederci, Fred,” says Giuseppe.

In the parking lot, in front of a large low pressure natural gas tank Fred and Peggy squeeze between several cars.

“Well…,” says Fred, touching Peggy’s hand as she reaches for the door handle on her car. Suddenly they embrace in a passionate kiss.

They draw away from each other, both shocked by the event.

Peggy looks confused, and breathes heavily.

“That shouldn’t have happened,” says Fred. “But I guess it had to.” Fred opens Peggy’s car door and she gets inside her car. Fred looks at her through the side of the car.

In This Episode:

  • Teresa Wright as Peggy Stephenson
  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
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