“Miss Peggy Stephenson,” says Marie. “She called up a little while ago and said her father was a friend of yours. She sounded like a nice kid. She’s going with some boyfriend of hers, and asked us to come on a double date, as guests.”

“You told her we could go?” asks Fred.

“You bet I did,” says Marie.

“Well, call her up and tell her we can’t go,” says Fred. “Tell her I made another engagement. Tell her anything.” Fred walks back into the living room, opening a newspaper.

Marie follows him into the living room. “Say!” says Marie, “Who is this Peggy Stephenson?”

“She’s a girl,” says Fred.

“I didn’t think she was a kangaroo!” replies Marie. “Where did you meet her?”

“I told you,” says Fred. “The night I got back and you weren’t here. Al Stephenson and his wife took me home with them. She’s their daughter. I’d never seen her before.”

“Or since?” asks Marie.

“Listen, Babe,” says Fred. “If you think you’re gonna make anything out of this, you’re due for a big disappointment. I just don’t like to be accepting handouts when we’re broke.”

“Well, if that’s it, you’d better get used to it!” replies Marie. “Because I don’t see how we’re gonna get much fun on your thirty-two fifty a week!” Marie storms off to the kitchen.

Fred reaches for the phone, then pauses. He never picks up the receiver.

In This Episode:

  • Virginia Mayo as Marie Derry
  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
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