“But it did happen,” said Fred. “It had to happen. And if we go on seeing each other, Peggy,
it’ll happen again.”

Later, the jazz singer belts out “Be-bop a-ree-bop” as Marie makes her way across the crowded dance floor with Peggy.

“Excuse us,” says Marie. “Excuse me. Excuse me.” Marie spots the club photographer. “We want to have a picture taken in a few minutes.”

“Fine,” says the photographer. “I’ll be here.”

“Excuse me,” says Marie, continuing past the crowd.

“Hello, Marie,” says Cliff, a local bar patron smiling at Marie.

“Good evening,” says Marie, haughtily. Marie turns to Peggy. “You got to watch yourself,” says Marie. “More wolves!”

“I know,” nods Peggy. They arrive at a door marked “Ladies.”

“I’d pay no attention to the sign,” laughs Marie. “Go right in!”

In This Episode:

  • Teresa Wright as Peggy Stephenson
  • Virginia Mayo as Marie Derry
  • Steve Cochran as Cliff
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