Peggy and Marie are seated at the makeup counter in the ladies’ lounge. Marie dumps out a bag of toiletries on the countertop.

“Gee, Woody’s a cute boy!” says Marie.

“He’s a lot of fun,” agrees Peggy.

“He’s got dough, too,” says Marie. “His family owns half the city. He has a terrific yen for you! I don’t want to butt into your affairs, but if you take my advice, you’ll grab Woody!”

“Woody and I are good friends,” says Peggy, “but there’s no romance.”

“Never mind the romantic part,” sats Marie. “That takes care of itself. I speak from experience. They’ll tell you money isn’t everything? Maybe it isn’t but, boy, how it helps!While Fred was away, I was drawing over $500 a month! I mean, from his army pay and the job I had. Now the two of us gotta live on what Fred gets from the drugstore: $32.50 a week! Poor Fred. Bet you think he’s a sourpuss. He didn’t used to be that way, though. Army’s had an awful effect on him. Knocked all the life out of him!”

“Fred isn’t going to be satisfied with that job at the drugstore,” says Peggy.

In This Episode:

  • Teresa Wright as Peggy Stephenson
  • Virginia Mayo as Marie Derry
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