Minute 014: From the Factory to the Scrapheap


Al, Fred, and Homer look down on a field of military aircraft.

“Some of them look brand-new,” says Fred. “From the factory to the scrap heap. That’s all they’re good for, now.” Fred looks around. “Hey, we gotta get out of the nose while he sets her down.” The three men grab their belongings and move aft.

Later, they share a cab through Boone City, looking at the many sights of civilian life.

“Hey, look,” says Homer. “There’s the ball park!” Out the window, they pass a stadium and a sign that says “Baseball –  Boone City Beavers.”

“Say, how are the Beavers doing this season?” asks Homer.

“Ahh – they’re in sixth place,” grumbles the cab driver. The men shake their heads.

“Still in second division!” laughs Fred.

Two high school boys pass by the cab driving a Model A jalopy. The men smile.

Boone City residents wait for a bus while sitting on a sidewalk bench.

The cab drives past a corner food stand with “SETTLE FOR A HOT DOG?” written above the order window. Tamales are 20 cents. A man takes a Coke out of a cooler. They pass the familiar red and gold F.W. Woolworth Co.  5-10 sign.  An Arden Milk truck is parked in front of the store.

A woman pushes a baby stroller while an enthusiastic toddler looks at store windows.

The cab drives past Engine Company Number 13, where an old Ford fire truck stands ready.

The cab drives past a used car lot, full of camping trailers.

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
  • Frederic March as Al Stephenson
  • Harold Russell as Homer Parrish
  • Clancy Cooper as Cab Driver
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