Fred walks into his old drug store. He passes by a man with two little girls. (Cameo by director William Wyler and his two daughters, Catherine and Judy.)

Fred walks to a counter and asks the clerk, “Didn’t this used to be Bullard’s Drug Store?”

“Yes,” says the clerk, “but it was taken over last year by the Midway chain.”

“Oh,” says Fred. 

“But old Mister Bullard’s still here, in charge of prescriptions,” says the clerk. “It’s right over there, by the phones.”

“Thanks,” says Fred, heading back to the Prescription desk. He passes by throngs of customers in the busy store. 

At the Prescription counter, Mister Bullard approaches him. 

“Yes sir?” says Mister Bullard.  He suddenly recognizes Fred. “Oh!” says Bullard. 

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
  • William Wyler as Drug Store Customer
  • Catherine Wyler as Drug Store Customer
  • Trudy Wyler as Drug Store Customer
  • Erskine Sanford as Bullard
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