“-kept hoping I was going to land a good job,” says Fred. “At last, I’ve got it through my think skull that I’m not going to get one, so – so we’ll just have to forget about Jackie’s Hot Spot and The Blue Devil and all the rest.” 

“Well, why couldn’t you get a good job?” asks Marie. “Have you really been trying?”

“Sure!” says Fred. “I’ve been all over town. All the employment offices, and the USES – – they all tell me I don’t know anything. They say I ought to spend a couple of years as an apprentice, or go to a trade school.”

“A couple of years,” says Marie, “with you, going to kindergarten. And what would I be doing in the meantime?” 

“You can always help me with my homework,” says Fred, smiling weakly. 

Fred puts a coffee pot on the stove. Marie ponders, then asks a question, very seriously.

“Fred…” begins Marie. 

“Yep?” replies Fred. 

“Are you really alright?” asks Marie. 

“Oh, of course! I’m alright, why?” replies Fred. 

“I mean… in your mind,” says Marie. “Is there anything…”

“In my mind?” asks Fred. “You mean, you think I’ve gone goofy?” He pulls out of the leaves of their folding kitchen table. 

“I’ve been wondering…” says Marie, rubbing her arm. Fred laughs. 

“What was Gadofsky?” asks Marie. 

“Where did you hear about him?” asks Fred. 

“You talk-” begins Marie. 

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
  • Virginia Mayo as Marie Derry
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