“Derry, ” says Merkel, “The name ‘Sticky’ is OUT.”

“Yes, Mister Merkel,” says Fred, “I understand.”

“This week, we’re pushing a new champagne bubble bath preparation: a dollar ninety-eight for the large jar,” says Merkel. “Down here, are some special- – come here,” Merkel squats behind the counter and waves a finger at Fred. Fred squats. “Down here, we have…” continues Merkel as the scene dissolves.

Back at the bank, Al heads for his office desk, saying good morning to the other employees. His secretary lands a stack of papers and folders on his desk.

“What have we here, the Breton Woods Agreement?” says Al.

The secretary leans in. “That’s Mister Novak waiting over there,” she says. “I’ve filled out the basic forms. He’s applying for a GI loan.”

“Oh good,” says Al, “I’ll see him.”

“Mister Novak?”  the secretary waves Mister Novak over.

“Sit down, Mister Novak,” says Al.

“Yes, sir,” says Novak.

“Don’t ‘sir’ me, Mister Novak,” says Al. “I’m a sergeant.” Novak smiles. Al studies the application. “I see you were in the Navy,” says Al.

“Yes, sir,” says Novak. “I mean, yes, I was –  in the SeaBees.”

In This Episode:

  • Norman Phillips, Jr. as Clarence "Sticky" Merkle
  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
  • Frederic March as Al Stephenson
  • Dean White as Novak
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