Minute 107: His Collateral is in His Hands


“I tell you, this man Novak is okay,” says Al. “His… collateral… is in his hands, in his heart, in his guts. It’s in his right as a citizen.”

“Nobody’s denying him his rights,” says Prew, the bank auditor.

“Oh, yes we are!” replies Al. “If we deny him his chance to work in his own way.”

“Oh please, gentlemen,” says Mr. Milton, “There’s no need to raise our voices. Of course, since you’ve approved the loan, the incident is closed.  However, in the future, Al – – ”

“Yes, I understand, Mister Milton,” says Al. “In the future, I must exercise more caution.”

“Thank you, Mister Prew,” says Milton, dismissing the auditor, who steps out of the office.

“Al,” says Milton, “Al you know how I feel about you, and always have. Why, I’ve always considered you one of the family, so to speak. Like my own s- younger brother. I picked you personally for this job, and I know you’ll make good. And we do – – we have every desire to extend a helping hand to returning veterans.”

In This Episode:

  • Frederic March as Al Stephenson
  • Ray Collins as Mister Milton
  • Charles Halton as Prew - bank auditor
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