Fed never lifts the receiver.

At the Stephenson home, Al and Millie are getting ready for dinner at the Union Club. Millie is adjusting Al’s bowtie.

“Hold still!” says Millie.

“Mm,” says Al. He picks up a cocktail glass.

“You’ll probably have to make a speech,” warns Millie.

“It’s my plan to meet that situation by getting well plastered,” replies Al. He downs the cocktail in one gulp.

“Peggy’s going out dancing with Woody Merrill,” says Millie.

“Who’s he?” asks Al.

“You know, Bill Merrill’s son,” replies Millie.

“Oh, yeah, yeah,” says Al. “Fine people, the Merrills. Strictly TCR.”

“What’s that?” asks Millie.

“Top Credit Rating,” says Al. “Are his intentions honorable?”

“I doubt it,” says Millie. “But they’re going to be properly chaperoned by Fred Derry and his wife.”

“Fred Derry?” asks Al. “Ha, some chaperone.” Al knocks back another cocktail.

“I think she’s crazy about him,” says Millie.

“Who, Merrill?” asks Al.

“No, Fred, ” says Millie, putting on a bracelet.

Al pauses. “Have you got any evidence to support that amazing statement?”

“Just a hunch,” says Millie.

“Oh,” says Al.

“But my hunches are pretty good,” says Millie. Al and Millie share knowing glances in the mirror.

In This Episode:

  • Teresa Wright as Peggy Stephenson
  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
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