“I think it ought to have a very healthy effect on me,” says Peggy. “Once I get to know her…  well, I’m sure I’ll stop being silly about the whole thing.”

The doorbell buzzes.

“Oh,” says Peggy, leaving to answer the door. Al turns to Millie.

“We don’t need to worry about that child,” says Al. “She can take care of herself.”

“That’s what she thinks,” says Millie.

Woody Merrill enters. “Good evening, Mrs. Stephenson,” says Woody.

“Good evening!” says Millie.

“You know my father,” says Peggy. Al pours a drink.

“Mister Stephenson,” says Woody, shaking Al’s hand. Al passes a drink to Woody.

“Nice to see you again, Merrill,” says Al. “Have a drink?”

“Thank you,” says Woody.

“I’ve, uh, I’ve played a lot of golf with your father,” says Al.

“Yes, I know,” says Woody. “Have you been out to the club since you’ve got back?”

“No,” says Al. “Haven’t had a chance.”

“Come on, Al, we’ll be late,” says Millie.

“Right, dear,” says Al. He follows her out of the room.

“Bye,” says Peggy.

“Good night!” says Woody.

“Well, have a good time, children,” says Al.

“Thank you,” says Woody.

“Give, uh, my best to Fred,” says Al to Peggy.

From down the hallway, Millie, shouts, “Al, come on!”

“Yes, Mister Milton!” replies Al. He grabs his hat from a table, and he and Millie leave.

In This Episode:

  • Teresa Wright as Peggy Stephenson
  • Frederic March as Al Stephenson
  • Myrna Loy as Milly Stephenson
  • Victor Cutler as Woody Merrill
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