Fred takes the photo out of the cardboard frame. He folds it in half before tearing it, leaving only the side with Fred and Peggy. After looking at the remaining picture, he tears that into peices as well.

Back at his dad’s flat, next to the railroad tracks, Fred continues packing his things.

“Here’s an old sweater I found,” says Hortense. “Remember you wore it in high school?”

“Sure,” says Fred, packing the sweater into his suitcase.

“You might need it sometime,” says Hortense.

“Thanks, Hortense,” says Fred.

“You forgot these, son,” says Pat Derry, holding out a sheaf of papers.

“Oh, I don’t want ’em, Pop,” says Fred, turning away.

“What are they?” asks Pat.

“Just a lot of fancy words that don’t mean anything,” says Fred. “You can throw ’em away.”

“Say, these are citations for your medals!” says Pat.

“Why, Freddy,” says Hortense, “you never showed them to us!”

“Those things came in the packages of K rations,” says Fred.

“Well, we’ll treasure them, my boy,” says Pat.

“I’ll get the socks I washed for you,” says Hortense.

“Think you’re doing the right thing, son?” says Pat.

“You mean, going?” asks Fred.

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews     as Fred Derry
  • Gladys George as Hortense Derry
  • Roman Bohnen as Pat Derry
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