Minute 163: I Might Give the Wrong Answers


“till I drop,” says Fred.

“Oh, Fred,” says Homer. “Here’s the ring. Don’t lose it.”

Al steps out onto the porch.

“Hey, Homer,” says Al. “Big day, huh?”

“Hi, Al,” says Homer.

“Hiya, Fred,” says Al.

“Hello, Al,” says Fred.

“I, uh… I hear you moved back with your folks,” says Al.

“Yeah,” says Fred, quietly. Al turns to Homer.

“I’ve sampled the punch,” says Al. “I presume it was made for the kiddies. Will you have some, Homer?”

“I might give the wrong answers!” laughs Homer.

“How about you, Fred?” asks Al.

“No, thanks,” says Fred. “Maybe later.”

“Well, if I must be a solitary drinker,” Al raises his glass. “Good luck, kid!”

“Thank you, Al,” says Homer.

Millie arrives on the porch.

“Al!” exclaims Millie. “You promised you wouldn’t!”

“Take a sip of this,” says Al. Millie sees Fred and Homer.

“Hello, Fred. Homer,” says Millie.

“There isn’t a headache in a barrel of it,” explains Al about the punch.

“Al can take it!” says Homer.

“He certainly can,” says Millie.

“Excuse me,” says Fred, leaving the porch and returning inside the house.

“See for yourself,” says Al, as Millie tries the punch.

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews     as Fred Derry
  • Harold Russell    as Homer Parrish
  • Myrna Loy as Millie Stephenson
  • Frederic March as Al Stephenson
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