Fade in: Interior of an airline terminal.  Travelers in winter coats are hurrying to their destinations. 

Announcement: “Your attention, please. Announcing the department of American Airlines Westbound Flight Nine, Flight Nine now loading at Gate Three for immediate departure.”

An Army Air Corps Captain walks through the crowd, carrying his luggage.

At the ticketing desk, he stops to talk to a ticket agent.

“Yes, sir?” asks the agent.

“Have you got anything going to Boone City?” replies the Captain.

“Boone City? Three scheduled daily flights, sir, but there’s no space available right now. Would you care to make a reservation?” asks the agent.

“Yes, I would,” says the Captain.

“Your name, please?” asks the ticket agent.

“Derry,” says the Captain. “D-E-R-R-Y. Fred. How long will it be?”

“We could probably get you on Flight Thirty Seven on the Nineteenth,” says the agent.

“The nineteenth?” says Fred, incredulous. “Well, see, listen, I can’t wait that long. I just got back from overseas, and I want to get home!”

“I’m sorry, sir, but there’s a long waiting list,” says the agent.

A man steps up to the counter. “Uh, my secretary made arrangements for me to pick up my tickets at the airport,” says the man. “My name is Gibbons. George H. Gibbons.”

“Yes, Mister Gibbons, they’re right here,” says the agent.

“Thank you,” says Gibbons, as the agent stamps his tickets.

“May we weigh your baggage, please?” asks the agent.

“Yes,” says Gibbons, then turns to Fred Derry. “Excuse me.” Gibbons asks a Red Cap to put his luggage on a scale. “Put them right there, please.” The Red Cap does as instructed.

“Sorry,” says Fred, getting out of the way of the luggage handler. Fred watches the Red Cap load a suitcase and golf clubs onto the scale.

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews     as Fred Derry
  • Ralph Sanford as George H. Gibbons
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