The cab passes by a classic American diner with a sign that says “Charley’s Diner – 20 Years in this Spot – STEAKS – ‘There’s a Reason’ – Free Parking” and GOOD FOOD written on the side of the storefront.

Next, a shoeshine stand with two attendants stands at the entrance to the 617 Auto Park parking lot (“10 cents for one hour, or 25 cents all day”) and a large billboard advertising “Rainier Aged Beer and Ale”.

“Hey, there’s Butch’s Place!” says Homer.

“Butch’s?” asks Al.

“Who’s that?” says Fred.

“Gosh, Butch has got himself a neon sign,” says Homer. “Have you ever been to Butch’s Place?”

“No,” says Fred.

“Well, Butch Engel, who runs it – he’s my uncle. Swell guy, but the family don’t think he’s respectable because he sells liquor!” The three men laugh.

“That’s the best joint in town,” says Homer.

“We’ll have to get together sometime,” says Fred.

“Swell!” agrees Al. The cab turns into a tree-lined avenue.

“This is my street,” Homer says, quietly.

“Fifteen Seventeen,” says the cabbie, reading off addresses.

“It’s the fourth house from here,” says Homer to the cabbie. “I wonder if Wilma’s home?” He stares into the distance.

The cab stops in front of the Parrish house. Homer pauses, and turns to the other two men.

“Say, how about the three of us going back to Butch’s Place?” says Homer, a little too cheerfully. “We’ll have a couple of drinks, and then we can go home!”

Al looks at Homer. “You’re home now, kid,” says Al.

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
  • Frederic March as Al Stephenson
  • Harold Russell as Homer Parrish
  • Clancy Cooper as Cab Driver
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