“He’s back there, waiting for you,” says Butch.

“See you later,” says Steve. Fred heads for the back of the bar.

“Hiya, Al,” says Fred, walking up to Al’s booth.

“Sit down, Fred,” says Al.

“What are you drinking?” asks Al, as Fred takes a seat.

“A cup of coffee. Gotta have a clear head for soda jerking,” says Al.

“A cup of coffee and a bourbon and soda,” says Al to the waiter.

“Yes, sir,” says the waiter

“What’s on your mind, Al?” asks Fred. “Want to borrow some money or something?”

“I, uh… called you to ask you a question,” says Al.

“Okay,” says Fred. “Shoot.”

“Are you in love with Peggy?” asks Al.

“Is there a law compelling me to answer that one?” says Fred.

“No,” says Al.

“Nevertheless, I repeat: are you in love with Peggy?” says Al.

“Yes,” says Fred.

Al pauses. “I thank you for a short and honest answer,” says Al.

“You’re welcome,” says Fred. “Now what do we take up next?”

“Your wife,” says Al.

In This Episode:

  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
  • Frederic March as Al Stephenson
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