Mollett continues, “A guy like you that had to sacrifice himself. For what?”

“For what?,” says Homer. “I don’t get you, Mister.”

“Well…” begins Mollett, but is interrupted by Fred.

“Anything else for you?” asks Fred.

“Check,” answers Mollett. He turns to Homer. “We let ourselves get sold down the river. We were pushed into war.”

“Sure,” says Homer. “By the Japs and the Nazis.”

“The Germans and the Japs had nothing against us,” says Mollett. “They wanted to fight the Limeys and the Reds. They would’ve whipped ’em, too, if we didn’t get deceived into it by Washington.”

“What are you talking about?” asks Homer.

“We fought the wrong people, that’s all,” says Mollett, tapping on his newspaper. “Just read the facts, my friend. Find out for yourself why you had to lose your hands. Then go out and do something about it.”

Fred overhears part of the conversation and says to Mollett, “You’d better pay your check and go.”

“Well, who do you think you are?” says Mollett.

“Pay the cashier right over there,” says Fred, turning away from Mollett.

“Coffee, please,” asks a woman at the counter.

“Yes, ma’am,” says Fred.

“There’s another thing!” says Mollett. “Every soda jerk in this country’s got an idea he’s somebody!”

In This Episode:

  • Harold Russell as Homer Parrish
  • Ray Teal as Mollett
  • Dana Andrews as Fred Derry
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