“You don’t know what it’d be like to have to live with me,” says Homer. “To have to… face this every day, every night.”

“But I can only find out by trying,” replies Wilma. “If it turns out I haven’t courage enough, we’ll soon know it.”

Homer pauses a moment, and thinks.

“Wilma,” says Homer, “You and I have been close to each other for a long time, haven’t we? Ever since we were kids.”

“Yes, Homer,” says Wilma.

“I’m going upstairs to bed,” says Homer. “I want you to… I want you to come up and see for yourself what happens.”

Wilma thinks for a moment. “All right, Homer,” she says.

In This Episode:

  • Harold Russell as Homer Parrish
  • Cathy O'Donnell as Wilma Cameron
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